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Hey, Freebird! My name is Emily, but most people call me Em. Thanks for being here!

Freebird is a space I am perpetually creating to be a cyber home for you and me. In and of itself, it's proof that life is here and now; it's a chorus of encouragement to live in a way that creates an exhilarating story of connection to ourselves and each other. You'll find essays on everything from dating + relationships, the hard walks between failure + adventure, and honest perspectives through the pursuit of living life well.

After buzzing in the marketing world, running a firm of my own, I came back to my roots to slow down and work in coffee. Through these experiences I have discovered an intrinsic love for entrepreneurship, connection to community, design, and the craft of stringing words together so honestly that they inspire a more genuine existence for anyone open to reading them.

Becoming our best selves together is the point of this space, and this life. Being human is both a gift and an art, yet the necessity of becoming and choosing ourselves in order to live well are rarely highlighted above quick fads and fixes. Today, surface level trumps deep meaning that can be birthed only from vulnerability, so I write because it forces me to be honest first with myself, and then with you. It has taught me that challenges and victories are proof that life is moving, and somehow, those circumstances are miracles that move us to exactly where we need to be.

I hope you land here like a bird on a branch -- temporarily, for rest, to take in the view, to see new perspectives, and leave reminded that you're not alone.